A Director friend who was living in Asia at the time asked me to do some writing. We came up with a list of potential Reality and TV shows. He had to move back to the states for personal reasons. Doesn’t mean they’re dead in the water right?

Hope you enjoy!

Written by Vonti for Director Jacob Dailey


Christina Ling is a corporate lawyer that realizes when it comes to love you are swimming in a sea full of lazy sharks. She takes finding her soul-mate to a whole new level through online and speed dating but keeps getting paired with psychos. She is impatient with hanging around all of her married friends so stumbles into the dating scene on wobbly legs. Single Christina grinds her way through imperfect dates but soon finds out that the love of her life may just be right next door…

Contact me for further info. (Click on the BELOW link for Character/Episodic Breakdown. All content has been copyrighted)

Dating for Corporate Dummies (Comedy) – Character and Episodic Breakdown






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