Queenpin – Snapshot of script

“Cinderella dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss a fella. Made a mistake and kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take?” Jump Rope Rhyme – Anonymous

SNAPSHOT- Queenpin is a spicy Action Drama set in the 90s of a crack cocaine-infested Brooklyn, NY where families are fractured and trust is an option. Childhood friends Ebony and Renae use unorthodox methods to bring down a drug kingpin who is terrorizing the city. But the ladies find themselves working on opposite sides of the law.

We delve quickly into the journey of Ebony and her parents. Hustlers who have fallen hard from grace and unsure of how to deal with the Adult Ebony. Hardened from being in abusive foster homes for most of her life.

*Ebony and her Mom Pat are about to reunite after a decade apart. Prior scene is of Ebony being robbed and beat up in the subway.*

A bloody hand reaches up and knocks on Apartment 613.
A dilated pupil appears through the peephole.
Who is it?
Ebony stands at the door empty-handed. Blood drips down her leg, her hair is a mess and her clothes are no better.
Momma, is that you?
The door creaks open an inch. Pat McDaniels peeks out to give Ebony a yellowed-tooth snarl. She’s aged a hundred years.
You got the wrong place, honey.
Ma, it’s me, Eb. I came be —
My daughter is dead.
She begins to close the door.
What are you doing? It’s me, Ebony. I don’t have nowhere else to go.
I said my daughter is dead.
She forces the door but Ebony jams it with her foot.
Please, I need a place to stay. Just let me sleep here tonight. Ms. Esther said you knew I was coming.
Pat pushes the door harder.
Open the fucking door!
Ebony kicks in the door and grabs her mother’s arm.
Why’s you go and do that to the door child? Damn!
Decorated in flophouse squalor, the living room coffee table is covered with empty surgical needles, pipes and a mirror with cocaine on it. Pat begins to clean the table off.
Look, whoever told you I was your momma lied to you, okay? My daughter is dead.
Ebony wanders around the apartment and avoids the trash on the floor.
Okay so how’d you know I was with some people then? Ma, it’s me. It’s Ebony. Why can’t I sleep here?
A swarm of flies flee the kitchen sink when Ebony opens the refrigerator.
PAT (O.S.)
Well Eb, Ebony, whatever the fuck you call yourself, get out my house. You messing with my establishment.
The inside of the fridge is sanitary white. It is filled with unlabeled glass bottles and packages wrapped in foil.
Who else stays here? Is my father here?
Pat barges into the kitchen.
Get the hell out our fridge!
In the background, a small time hustler dressed in hip-hop gear enters the apartment unnoticed. MIKEY ALONZO (20’s), black, watches the women as they continue to bicker.
I just want to know who keeps the fridge so clean because obviously it’s not you. Is it Dad? He’s here, isn’t he? God it’s freaking hot as hell in this place!
Mikey admires the backside view of Ebony for a beat. Then:
What the fuck happened to the door Pat?
Startled, Pat turns around. She runs into the —
— and flops on the floor. Ebony walks up behind her.
Shit, Daddy, I tried to tell her to go away, but she not a good listener. Keep rambling on about her damn Father!
And she is…?
Ebony extends her hand.
I’m the dead daughter.
Mikey paces in the living room as Ebony relaxes into the lumped-up raggedy couch.
Now how the hell am I supposed to believe that long ass story you just told me? We got a legit business here and I don’t like chicks fucking with my cash.
Pat paces the room and rambles, almost to herself.
Come on, Daddy, it’s that time for me, baby. Kick her out for all I care. You know what Momma needs.
Ebony rolls her eyes.
(to Mikey)
I don’t care if you believe it or not. A shower and a change of clothes will do me just fine.
Don’t push your luck, alright? The only reason you still here is because I think you kind of cute, if you did your hair.
He walks over to the fridge, retrieves a foil package and tosses it over to Pat. She scrambles to a corner of the room, like a hungry rabid dog and unwraps the package.
(to Ebony)
Plus, you something much better for the clientele to look at. Other than that, I don’t have time for playing games.
Ebony stares at her mother in disgust.
Mikey, right? First, I really need a towel and a change of clothes.
Pat holds a crack rock up to the light and smiles.
Second, take a look at the photos on the wall sometime. Maybe then I wouldn’t think you so fucking stupid.
She walks into the bathroom and slams the door. Mikey marches over to the living room wall to examine a few photos.
A young smiling Ebony stands between Pat and Greg, their arms wrapped around each other.
(to himself)
Holy Shit. You are Cutthroat’s daughter.
Pat stirs from her drug-induced coma. Ebony glares at her.
What time is it, Daddy? Why is that damn girl still here? She’s a fucking liar, okay!
Like a gazelle, Ebony leaps across the room.
Look, you going to stop spewing lies about me! I been through absolute hell trying to get back here.
She snatches the needle out of Pat’s arm, smacks her hard across the face and shakes her by the shoulders.
Now you tell him who I am, damn it! Right now, or I swear!
You’re a liar! I don’t have a —
Ebony smacks her again and shakes her….

*disclaimer – Full feature script available in final draft formatting. Writing posted here for feedback and context from readers. Original Title, Story, Screenplay and Novel created by Vonti McRae. WGA registered*

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