Mourning the Dead

Storytime – Mourning the dead.

Today while driving my cab a woman and her family hop in. They say take them downtown Brooklyn to the court.

The mom sits next to me in the front. She was going to the trial of the person who murdered her young son. When I tell you she was devastated but strong. On anti-depressants, body breaking down, legs jumping with raw nerves.

Me: I’m so sorry to hear that. But have you mourned?

Her: I haven’t had the time. It’s been only 8 months since he was killed.

Me: Staying strong for everyone else huh?

Her: Yes. I don’t know if I can ever show my feelings anymore. Don’t feel like going on.

Me: You go on for that grand baby he left behind. Get some grief counseling and heal yourself. It won’t happen overnight.

Her: We will see.

Me: How was your Mother’s Day? Did you feel your son spirit there?

Her: No. Only 1 time and he was crying in the dream over the child he left behind.

Me: Then be there for that child because it’s a part of him. Don’t let the bastards win who killed him. You nor he deserve that.

We arrive at the courthouse. She scrambles out on her sprained foot.

Her: Thank you ma ma for everything. I’m going to try.

I had heard of the story. Spanish man shot in the face when he opened his door. The killers knocked on it and took his life in an instant. I didn’t want her to recount what happened. I’m sure her dreams do that.

It’s not about driving a cab for me. Hasn’t been for some time. It’s about connecting with people. Sharing my own journey and hoping the advice I give in under an hour can help them in some way. She’s the 5th woman to get in my cab mourning for someone. Each time I tell them you’re not alone and you don’t deserve to join them unless God speaks it so. For now you make this life count. 

*If you know of anyone who needs grief counseling please speak up. If they cherish the friendship or family relationship they will listen. Never be scared to support them during their crisis. 

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