Trash Medical Aftercare

Storytime – When your AVM makes you have a mind of your own.

So yes I definitely fell asleep in the MRI machine. They put earplugs in, headphones playing R&B, a blanket and my Afro served as a pillow. Put the head cover and pushed me into an enclosed space. The machine loud as fuck I didn’t care. Knocked out!

So an hour later I go see my neurosurgeon for results. I strolled up to the desk to check-in

Me: Hi so I don’t want Amy in the room

Front Desk: Who? The Doctor’s Nurse?

Me: Yes can someone else be assigned?

Front Desk: Sorry no she’s the only one working with him.

Me: That’s fine. She’s really no help at all. I’ve called a few times to ask for assistance but she doesn’t really care. Which is fine. She doesn’t need to be there anymore. No hard feelings but she isn’t any help at all.

Front Desk: Oh ok (blank stare)

Me: Thank you (in my head i wanted to say I’ve seen this bitch for 2 years now. Every time she sees me it’s the fake smile like I’m a stranger: pretending to ask how I’m doing. Bitch in my mind the doctor has done hundreds of brain treatments. But you, you got the nerve to not even care about my after care? Take your dumb ass on Amy)

So any who the scan turned out good. He said the edema is shrinking. Just keep on my seizure meds. Come back in 6 months.


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