Scared Shitless of Success? Let’s chat

To say anyone’s career at all has been seamless and easy would be naive. But to think the journey has been the same for all is just the same. Some of us have it way harder and a major delay into the overall goal. Mine is to open my bank account and be able to pay every bill I have plus actually have something left over. Many people tell me – Vonti I don’t know how you do it. – But they also realize this is who I am. To me my life is busy for a reason and a purpose. Setting out on a long trek through the desert to fall asleep under the stars and wake for another round all over again. Take some time to read a short excerpt and then hit that link to read the full article. I was so honored that the Editor-in-Chief requested I finish my story. Hope you are inspired.

“There are times I self-sabotage in life because the ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’ haunt me. On my chest is a black scarlet letter that I carry around with me. A plus-size Black woman with the audacity to try and make it into the club, that room has been defined by White America since the first Black slave stepped onto these shores. The exclusive club that has brought a plague to my career walking into rooms as the only minority. A victim I’m not…”

Read the remainder of the story below by copying and pasting or click the link:

I’m Scared of Success


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