Marvel’s Agents of Shield – Series Finale


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So many of my shows have ended. But one of the most heartbreaking ones is Agents of Shield. I read a bit about it being a struggle between TV network vs Movie studio.

Creators beginning something anew together only to then part ways.

On the show there are so many loose ends that aren’t being tied up. For instance Ghost Rider having an entire season that was the best TV hero acting in a long time (Sorry CW network nothing against you. I will always be a UPN girl) and never being revisited.

What I can say is doing this to those invested in story can be brutal. I’m hopeful once my content is developed I can see it all the way through. Thankfully content that is killed on one network can be revived on another. I’m not sure networks understand 20 million viewers vs 5 million. That “million” gets lost in the shuffle. It’s not 100,000 thousand but millions invested in story. Now that streaming has become robust; the leniency to rely on advertising dollars has minimized. The subscription model is the new battle ground as more unplug from cable. Cable entities waited too long to confirm to this new supply chain for watching content. Maybe they forgot to check in with customers? Didn’t send surveys on how we watch content? The quick and instant way we consume content on the go. Not sure what it was that made them into the Blockbuster of consumption— Versus being the Netflix of streaming. Either way I think they will survive. But now have alot money to invest and catching up to do.

As we move forward developing shows and trying to reel us in – Marvel’s Agents of Shield will be missed.

Unless a network chooses to resurrect them….



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