Holiday Un-scrooged


Today was a long stressful day that beat my body up! I helped a friend move their stuff from storage to a new apartment for over 7hrs. A 5 mile radius between the places but it was brutal.

However I love my friends and those I consider to be family. So I do these things without hesitation. It didn’t come with no big reward. But I wasn’t expecting any. I do it for love and to show them someone out here gives a fuck about you. You never have to feel like you alone. And I may not send people gifts, or mail cards, or even talk to them often. But if you need me and I’m free it’s nothing. Be that person for those who will also do the same for you.

In 2010 I had lost my job. Decided to drive from LA to NY solo. Purged my whole studio and just had what i wanted to take piled in my Honda Accord (Betsie I miss you) Called friends from the road I hadn’t spoke to in years. They said Vonti stop here if you tired. I did and most gave up their own bed. Just to give me some rest so I could get back and tackle that road. They had no clue why I was even on that adventure. Just – if you need me I’m here.

Be that person for someone this holiday season. Gifts come in big, small and anything packages. You can save a life or someone sanity this Christmas season ❤️❤️

Happy Holidays!


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